Secondary School Resources

Secondary School Resources

Real stories

The Real Stories education resource for Year 7-10 secondary school students includes a series of videos and lessons examining the issues related to young people and skin cancer. The activities throughout the resource can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive unit. Teachers should note that reference is made to skin cancer throughout the resource and can therefore be upsetting for students. The resource addresses the consequences of cancer and shows footage of surgical procedures. It is recommended that teachers review the material beforehand to ensure it is suitable for students.

The NEW Healthy Schools Network ACT website (for teachers)

Canberra secondary school teachers and parents can now access all their school's health and wellbeing needs from one website. The website was launched in late 2014 and includes resources, tools, support and PL opportunities from Canberra's leading health Not For Profit Organisations, including Cancer Council ACT. You can also follow the Healthy Schools Network ACT on Twitter @hsnACT

SunSmart widget

ACT secondary schools are encouraged to upload the FREE SunSmart Widget to their school's website. The widget not only works as a general reminder to be SunSmart, but it also indicates what time sun protection is required each day along with a daily max temperature and rain forecast for Canberra.

SunSmart app

download free sunsmart app

ACT school teachers and secondary school students can download the free SunSmart app to their Smartphone. The app highlights very clearly what time of the day you should be thinking about sun protection, it also offers a daily weather forecast and general reminders. Check it out. 

Hope - Turning the page on cancer

Is your classroom turning the page on cancer? Developed by Cancer Council NSW this interactive website page (just 1) is a great tool to open up classroom conversation about the 5 big cancers that effect Australians and how we can reduce our risk.  

MELANOMA- rate your risk

Attention high school health, biology and PE teachers. This NEW website teaches high school kids about melanoma risk.

Everyone is at risk of melanoma, but certain variables, known as risk factors, increase your chances of melanoma developing. Risk factors are characteristics, conditions or behaviours that affect your chance of developing a disease. In the case of melanoma, there are particular risk factors associated with increased risk of genetic mutations that may result in melanoma developing.

Use this website to explore some of the risk factors associated with melanoma. Follow the prompts and rate your personal risk of developing melanoma. Have fun!


Sunscreen brackets

Sunscreen bracket

Can students access sunscreen throughout your school setting? If not, why not? When it comes to sun protection behaviour amongst ACT teens, wearing sunscreen appears to be the most common behaviour, secondary schools should therefore consider making sunscreen more accessible.

Cancer Council has a limited number of sunscreen brackets available to ACT secondary schools (at cost price). To oredr contact Cancer Council ACT on (02) 6257 9999.

Free shade audit

 A shade audit is the first step in ensuring there is adequate shade to protect as many people as possible using an outdoor space from overexposure to UV.

 SunSmart recommends a shade audit be conducted for outdoor spaces:

  • that cater primarily for children, such as early childhood services, schools and playgrounds
  • where people could be exposed to high levels of UV, such as sports venues, parks and pools

 An audit will explore all possible solutions for reducing UV exposure by shade.

 Recommendations can be used to:

  • demonstrate the need to improve the level of UV protection
  • seek support and funding to develop new shade
  • plan long-term landscaping and development works to achieve a healthy outdoor spaces

UV risk reduction: A planning guide for secondary schools

This 20 page booklet outlines the issues secondary schools may face around sun protection behavior. It includes tips towards developing and implementing a sun protection policy for your school, curriculum activity ideas and links to other information.

Availability: FREE download.

SunSmart Millionaire

How SunSmart are you? An innovative game-based resource for Year 7 students that promotes the science behind the SunSmart message.