SunSmart Resources

SunSmart Resources

SunSmart web widget - updated version

ACT early childhood services are encouraged to upload the FREE SunSmart Widget to their website. The widget not only works as a general reminder to be SunSmart, but it also indicates what time sun protection is required each day along with a daily max temperature and rain forecast for Canberra.


Sid Seagull colouring booklet

Sid Skating Page

Download and print off our free Sid Seagull colouring in book for your service. It comprises 7 different images of Sid in action. Kids love Sid Seagull, perhaps organise a colouring in competition and contact Cancer Council ACT to assist with free sunscreen prizes.

Being SunSmart is easy

A fun colouring book for early childhood services. Make your summer art theme "'SunSmart".

Availability: Free download.

Generation SunSmart educator online PL (free)

This online program teaches schools/centres, educators and students about skin cancer, being SunSmart and how to incorporate sun protection activities into day to day activities.

Create your own SunSmart poster

Children view the daily SunSmart UV Index for Canberra to decide if sun protection is or is not required and create a poster according to their decision. There are several winter and summer poster themes to choose from.

Availability: Free online resource.

One of these things is not like the others

Sometimes it can be difficult to get mums and dads on board when it comes to best SunSmart behaviour, especially when it comes to hats!! ACT childhood services with SunSmart status do not recommend 'caps' to be worn, and it is important that parents understand that your service is serious about this. Simply download, cut and hand out to those mums and dads that may require another friendly reminder.

Availability: Free PDF download.

Be SunSmart Play SunSmart (Currently Being Revised)

An early childhood resource booklet for teachers, carers and educators working with children from birth to five+ years of age. This resource is filled with ideas for educational play experiences and general information about sun protection.

Availability: No

Be SunSmart today

The "Be SunSmart today" poster is an ideal way to remind children, staff and parents to your service when sun protection will be required each day in Canberra. It can be downloaded, laminated and displayed in practical locations throughout your service for all to see. Simply view the daily sun protection times for Canberra here (or via your SunSmart phone app) and then share it with via the poster. 

Availability: Free download or contact Cancer Council ACT to order an A3 size by clicking here.

SunSmart app


ACT early childhood educators can download the free SunSmart app to their Smartphone. The app highlights very clearly what time of the day you should be thinking about sun protection, it also offers a daily weather forecast and general reminders. Check it out.

SunSmart countdown activities

A selection of hand on activities to assist educators with their efforts to maintain sun protection awareness and education requirements in their setting.

SunSmart resource poster for ACT Educators (April 2016)

SunSmart resource Poster for ACT Early Learning April 2016

Educators need to be aware of what local SunSmart resources and tools are freely available to them to access so they can maintain awareness and up-skill themselves around skin damage and skin cancer prevention.

Availability: Order your free SunSmart resource posters here or contact Cancer Council ACT 02 6257 9999.

Free shade audit

A shade audit is the first step in ensuring there is adequate shade to protect as many people as possible using an outdoor space from overexposure to UV.

SunSmart recommends a shade audit be conducted for outdoor spaces:

  • that cater primarily for children, such as early childhood services, schools and playgrounds
  • where people could be exposed to high levels of UV, such as sports venues, parks and pools

 An audit will explore all possible solutions for reducing UV exposure by shade.

Recommendations can be used to:

  • demonstrate the need to improve the level of UV protection
  • seek support and funding to develop new shade
  • plan long-term landscaping and development works to achieve a healthy outdoor space

Need more shade info and resources?

Visit our Shade Information Sheet.