Don’t Delay, Get checked

Dont Delay Get CheckedCancer Council is concerned that people with signs of cancer and other health conditions, may not be contacting their doctors to discuss new symptoms.

We understand that people may feel anxious about visiting their doctor or attending follow-up appointments during these uncertain times, but it is important to prioritise our general health and wellbeing.

In the coming weeks, you will see a social media campaign; 'Cancer Screening Saves Lives'. If it prompts you or someone you love to take action, do it!

Delaying seeing the doctor about a new symptom, or not completing a cancer screening test when invited to do so, could mean people present later with more complicated and progressed cancer, which may be more difficult to treat.

Treatment can be more effective when cancer is found early. For certain cancers, tests have been developed that can detect changes well before any symptoms are present. These tests are currently available through national population-based screening programs for breast cancer, cervical cancer and bowel cancer and are provided free of charge for people who are eligible. For more information visit or call 13 11 20.

It is also a good idea to get to know your own body and what is normal for you, and to see a doctor if you notice any unusual changes. A new health symptom may not necessarily mean cancer but it’s important to have them checked out. See our early detection page to find out what to look out for

For more information on early detection, screening or any other question about cancer, call our Information and Support Line on 13 11 20.

Last updated October 2020.

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