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Get access to hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do and support Cancer Council ACT at the same time.

Cancer Council ACT will receive 20% of the proceeds which will go towards cancer research, support and prevention in our community.

How to Order Your Digital Membership

Entertainment™ Digital Memberships are available to order for Canberra and all other regions of Australia and New Zealand. To order click here.

About the Entertainment™ Digital Membership

Discover thousands of valuable up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for many of the best restaurants, cafés, arts, attractions, hotels, travel, shopping and much more – choose your way with the following.

For the small price of just $69.99 (single city) you get access to over $20,000 invaluable offers. Participating businesses include Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, Freedom, Hoyts, Country Road and many more.

2022 05 FR Cancer Council PHONEThe Entertainment™ Digital Membership works on your iPhone or Android smartphone.  With 'near me' technology and the ability to show and save using your phone, this is perfect for a person on-the-go now with no Card or Voucher to present.

For more information or inquiries, please contact Cancer Council ACT on 02 6257 9999 or email Cancer Council ACT

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