Tobacco Control, Smoking Products and Smoke-Free Environments


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    28 June 2018
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ACT Health is currently offering free ‘No Smoking’ Signs for businesses, community groups and body corporates. There are 1600 signs available.

The ACT Government is committed to protecting the public from known and potential harms associated with smoking products, such as tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

Tobacco smoking remains a leading cause of preventable death and disease in Australia. Tobacco smoking is responsible for the death of up to two-thirds of Australian smokers aged 45 years and over, and is a primary risk factor for various cancers, respiratory and cardiovascular disease, and other illnesses.

Tobacco not only harms users, but exposes those around them to harmful second-hand tobacco smoke. Second-hand smoke contains a mixture of particulate matter and thousands of chemicals, many of which are toxic or cancer-causing. There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke.


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