Give Up For One Day on World No Tobacco Day


Cancer Council ACT is challenging local smokers to consider giving up for a day on World No Tobacco Day, Thursday 31st May and says the savings by giving up for a day doesn’t only help from a health perspective, it also helps the bank balance. 

With the cost of a packet of cigarettes around $30, a packet-a-day habit can easily add up and the Cancer Council is encouraging all smokers to quit for the day and do something else for themselves with the money they’ve saved.

CEO of the Cancer Council ACT, Sandra Turner, says quitting for a day has direct benefits.

“It’s a very tangible way to see what impact tobacco has on one’s health and hip pocket,” said Ms Turner.

“In 24-48 hours almost all the nicotine is out of your system and carbon monoxide levels begin to normalise.

“It’s estimated that tobacco will claim the lives of more than 15,000 people in Australia this year alone, and that includes one in five cancer deaths, as well as from heart disease, stroke and lung disease,” said Ms Turner.

“Quitting for a day on World No Tobacco Day can have a positive impact on your lungs, your heart and your well-being.

“We challenge people who want to quit to give up for the day and use the money they would have spent on tobacco on something else. Then see if you can quit for another day,” Ms Turner said.

The Cancer Council provides a number of quit smoking supportive options for individuals as well as in the workplace for people wanting to give up smoking and including a Facebook campaign this week to provide encouragement for people to quit for the Day and longer.

The World No Tobacco Day 2018 focus is ‘Tobacco and Heart Disease’ aiming to highlight and increasing awareness about the impact that tobacco has on the heart and cardiovascular health of people worldwide, and how everyone can take action to reduce the risks to heart health posed by tobacco.

For more information on quitting for good, call Quitline on 13 78 48 or go online to

WHO: Cancer Council ACT

WHAT: Quit for the day on World No Tobacco Day.

WHY: To see how quitting can help your health and your wallet.

WHERE: All smokers across the ACT are encouraged to ‘quit’ for World No Tobacco Day.

WHEN: Thursday 31st May, 2018.


Contact details:

Sandra Turner, Chief Executive Officer

Mobile: 0414 695 632

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