It’s still cold, but August is ‘Hats On’ again for Canberra Schools.


With Spring just around the corner, Cancer Council ACT says it’s important for Canberra schools, early childhood services and all outdoor workers to think ultra violet (UV) not heat, as we make our way into another hot summer, and remember to put ‘hats on’ when outdoors.

Whilst August is still a cold month in the nation’s capital, ultraviolet radiation (UV) levels are on the rise to levels that warrant sensible sun protection, for at least part of the day.

The Cancer Council ACT message is pretty simple, when UV levels reach 3 and above, a combination of sun protection behaviour is required to protect against skin damage that can contribute to skin cancer later in life. The higher the UV level, the quicker unprotected skin can damage, sunburn or no sunburn.

“In Canberra, August is when we start to see daily UV levels climbing, and reaching 3 or above,” said Cancer Council ACT’s Chief Executive Officer, Sandra Turner.

“Regardless of the temperature and cloud cover, UV 3 or above warrants sensible sun protection behaviour. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot weather or cold, it’s the UV that burns,” Sandra said.

Evidence suggests that childhood and adolescence sun exposure plays a significant factor in the development of skin cancer in later life. Therefore it’s vital that Canberra schools and early childhood services implement and manage an effective sun protection policy when UV levels reach 3 and above.

Aranda Primary School’s Principal Mr Phil Gray, said that hats and SunSmart reminders are high on his school’s agenda at this time of the year.

“Even though it is still cold, we know UV levels will reach 3 and above on most days from here on, which warrants sensible sun protection for students, and teachers as well,” he said.

Wearing sensible clothing and hats, making sunscreen accessible to students and teachers and taking advantage of shade, means children, students and teachers can significantly minimise their lifetime risk of developing skin cancer.

Every year over 12,000 Australians are diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer and approx. 2,200 Australians will die from skin cancer each year. The majority of skin cancers are preventable.

Contact information

Sandra Turner – CEO, Cancer Council ACT - M: 0414 695 632 E:

WHAT: Interview / photo opportunity with Sandra Turner & Phil Gray.

WHERE: Aranda Primary School (Office/Reception), Banambila Street, Aranda, ACT.

WHEN: Monday 21st August at 1pm.

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