Spring is here and it’s time to be SunSmart


Spring is the time everyone takes off a layer or two to enjoy the warmth that’s been missing over winter and it’s important to remember that the ultraviolet (UV) levels that damage our skin have been three (3) and above since early August.

Canberra only has two months of the year when it is safe to be outside without sun protection - June and July. With a wet and wintry August, it’s now that people are beginning to come out of hibernation and enjoy the milder days outdoors.

Warmer days bring with it the risk of skin damage, even on cloudy days, so it’s important to be SunSmart whenever outside at this time of year.

Cancer Council ACT CEO, Sandra Turner, says that the message is very simple – Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide.

“When UV levels reach 3 and above, a combination of sun protection behaviour is required to protect against skin damage that can contribute to skin cancer later in life. The higher the UV level, the quicker unprotected skin can damage - sunburn or no sunburn,” said Ms Turner.

“All primary schools and early childhood learning centres went back to ‘no hat, play in the shade’ at the beginning of August. It’s up to all adolescents and adults to follow the same behaviours to protect their skin from short and long-term damage and to set the example for our younger community.

“Unfortunately, it’s the younger community that are often setting the example for the adults when it comes to good sun behaviour. We’d like to see all the ACT community being SunSmart,” she said.

“For added peace of mind, people can download the free SunSmart App to check UV levels at any time throughout the day,” Ms Turner said.

Every year over 12,000 Australians are diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer and approx. 2,200 Australians will die from skin cancer each year. The majority of skin cancers are preventable if people are SunSmart when outdoors when UV levels are 3 or above.

Cancer Council recommends a combination of sun protection measures whenever UV levels reach 3 and above. Read more. 


Contact details: Sandra Turner – M: 0414 695 632

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