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The Cancer journey was pretty much a roller-coaster. One day was good and the next was bad. Each day was different to the next day and no two days were the same. Most times I was overwhelmed with what I was faced with and always put on brave face; but deep down I was like a swan, gliding above the water calm but underneath I was going a million miles an hour going from one direction to another direction and in the end was lost.

The biggest issue for me was I like control and have vision of my day to day work, kids activities, but this intruder took this away from and I did not do well coping with this ability or should I say non-ability to do the things that I once was able to do in the past.

It was funny when I was at the shops I was badged as the cancer victim and from people that had gone down the same path that I was now going through. People would come up to me and say what cancer did you have? They wanted to share their story with someone who has walked down the same path. I have been in their shoes and I see people that are going through the same journey.

There have been some benefits with having cancer, so it is now 2 years since I finished the treatment and I have not been sick with any colds of flu since. I cannot remember the last time that I was sick with the flu. The chemo has shielded me from the common virus. “No need for the flu shot… Got something stronger”.

Another aspect that I struggled with was when I finished my treatment I was expected to re-commence my previous life pre-cancer. I found that very difficult, as I needed rehabilitation. This self-rehab took from 6 -12 months to get to where I am now.

Cancer Council ACT for me was a one stop shop for a range of services they offer. Those blessed people I owe them so much for their wonderful work that they continue to do. At the time there were so many seminars that I was privileged to attend. One such seminar was the Living Well After Cancer. This was the best of that they offer, because at the time I thought that it was me because I could not write and speak properly, but I was not alone, others that attended shared the same issues. That put me at ease because I went through this.

I am now well equipped to deal with this. If I get cancer again I have my army and I will not do this alone, as there is a great cancer support network that can assist.

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