Carol Wall

Survivor / Regular Giver

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. First bowel, then liver and lung over several years. The surgeons and oncologist say it is all linked, it is not a new cancer. Beats me, it is in different parts of my body, so to me it is not linked. But, I think I know where they are coming from. Besides, they know. My oncologist is the best. She is a smart, lovely, caring woman. My surgeons are really thoughtful and caring as well.

I must admit, when I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, it hit me. I was crying on the kitchen floor uncontrollably. One thing you should never do, is google your symptoms and outcomes!

This is where my first surgeon spoke to me gently while I was sobbing on the phone to him. He told me to “be strong and positive we will look after you”.

I have found that I didn’t, and I don’t, let cancer stop me from doing what I want to do (within reason).

To get my ‘fitness and state of mind’ back to ‘normality’, I started walking around the block with hubby. I walk our daughter to and from the bus stop with our dog and see her off and to return from school. For the last three and a half years I have been going to a gym enjoying the company of other women. I have been working part time for nearly four years. The support from my family, friends and work colleagues has been wonderful and understanding.

My experience with Cancer Council ACT has been limited. I went to a seminar a while ago with my husband – Living Well After Cancer. There were a comfortable amount of other couples there, all doing the same thing. Listening and holding hands with their partner or companion. It was encouraging to know Cancer Council ACT are there and are willing to assist. I donate and hope and pray the money I give helps an individual or a family in some type of way. I know if I ever need Cancer Council ACT I am sure they will offer advice and support.

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