Robin Edmunds

36 Robin Edmunds

Relay For Life Commitee

I haven’t been personally touched by cancer, but I got involved with Cancer Council ACT after a friend and work colleague found a lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I want a world free of all cancers.

The Cancer Council ACT team are a dedicated bunch of people doing their upmost to raise awareness and educate. To me, it seemed a natural transition from being involved in a Relay team to helping out the Cancer Council team and I am so glad I did.

I heard about this Relay thing that was happening at the AIS. I was told about the Relay colours so I thought I’ll just look for my friends wearing purple shirts. Good one Edmunds!!! There were hundreds of people wearing purple shirts. From that moment I was hooked.

I love what I do in my role with the volunteer committee. I work with amazing and passionate people at both the Cancer Council and the volunteer committee. The volunteer committee are dedicated and happy bunch of people that makes the volunteer work an absolute pleasure. I love what I do to help and support the fight against Cancer. Whether it’s donning the Dougal Bear suit or putting up signs for Relays, it’s all towards getting rid of the big C.


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