Quit Seminars

Who should attend the seminar?

People who are interested in quitting smoking, or are supporting someone who is.

What will the seminar cover?

The course is designed to increase your:

  • understanding of the addiction of smoking
  • knowledge of different quitting methods and products
  • understanding of smoking and quitting so that you are able to choose a personal quitting strategy to suit you

And for you to:

  • reduce any fear and anxiety about quitting smoking
  • gain information to enable access to a range of resources and support.

What topics are discussed?

  • stages of quitting – where are you along the quitting cycle?
  • making the decision to quit - conflict surrounding quitting including reasons to smoke/quit
  • addiction and why people smoke
  • planning to quit – cigarettes and medication
  • quitting methods and products
  • dealing with concerns about quitting - withdrawal symptoms, weight gain, stress, alcohol and social situations
  • description of a quit plan – quitting methods, strategies to replace smoking, reward system, support networks
  • relapse – distinguish between a slip up and relapse, a learning opportunity, review reasons for quitting
  • description of Quit services and resources including the Quitline telephone support and callback service
  • description of Quit courses and what else is available to further support smokers wanting to quit.

How long is the seminar?

1-1.5 hours in length — can be adapted to meet the specific timing requirements of your organisation.

Who conducts the seminar?

The Cancer Council ACT Smoking Cessation Coordinator, who is regularly updated on the latest information about helping people quit smoking.

How many people can attend?

There is no maximum or minimum number as long as the venue is satisfactory.

Where are the seminars conducted?

The seminar can be conducted in your workplace, or a venue of your choice.

Further information

For further information contact Cancer Council ACT 02 6257 9999 or email us

This information can be photocopied for distribution.

Last updated June 2021.

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