Youth Quit Courses

Who should attend a Fresh Start course?

Young people who are interested in cutting down or quitting smoking. Young people who are vulnerable to becoming nicotine dependent.

What will a Fresh Start course cover?

The course is designed to enable young people to motivate them to quit smoking and develop an understanding of the role smoking plays in their lives as well as developing strategies to replace smoking and manage cravings.

The course also aims to:

  • educate young people about the dangers of smoking
  • provide an opportunity to discuss and dispel common myths and misconceptions around smokinge
  • encourage young people to quit/cut down their smoking
  • motivate young people to quite before their nicotine dependency becomes more entrenched
  • explore young peoples reasons for starting smoking and the stages they went through to become a smoker

How is the Fresh Start course structured?

The Fresh Start Course comprises of six one-hour sessions, held over an six-week period, with each session focusing on a different aspect of smoking and quitting as outlined below.

Session 1 – Myth busting and understanding smoking

Session 2 – Chemicals in cigarettes and making the decision to quit

Session 3 – Health effects of smoking and quitting methods

Session 4 – Coping without cigarettes physically and emotionally incl. managing stress

Session 5 – Young people, smoking and the roles it plays

Session 6 – Motivation and means to quitting and staying quit for good

Who conducts the course?

A certified educator, trained in smoking cessation, and who is regularly updated on the latest information about helping people quit smoking and who has worked extensively with young people to assist them to quit smoking.

How many people can attend?

The Youth Quit course can cater for up to 15 participants with a minimum requirement of 4 participants.

Where are Fresh Start courses conducted?

Courses can be conducted in schools or any other community settings.

Further information

For further information contact Cancer Council ACT on 02 6257 9999

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Last updated June 2013.

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