What's Your "SunSmart" Story?

The National SunSmart Schools Program in the ACT does not include Canberra secondary schools or colleges due to a variety of reasons, one being the constant struggle secondary schools experience when it comes to successfully implementing a 'hats on" policy among students! However it is important to acknowledge that many Canberra secondary schools are committed to introducing and or maintaining a positive hat wearing culture amongst their students and these schools must be commended for their proactive effort and commitment to reduce UV exposure to prevent skin cancers.

Telopea PARK Pres Visit Nov 2014 resizedWhilst wearing a sensible hat is one very simple and effective strategy to reducing potentially damaging UV exposure to the face, ears and neck areas (common areas for skin cancers to appear later in life) there are other strategies and initiatives that ACT secondary schools are encouraged to explore to reduce UV exposure and raise general awareness around skin cancer prevention.

Cancer Council ACT wants to acknowledge individual Canberra secondary schools and their efforts around UV reduction and general awareness. Your school's individual efforts will be acknowledged via your school's NEW online UV Reduction Certificate.

So, tell us YOUR school's "SunSmart" story simply by completing and submitting the online form below. Once received your school's personalised UV Reduction Certificate will be created to reflect your school's efforts when it comes to reducing UV exposure/skin cancer prevention. Remember anyone from your school can update your school's UV Reduction Certificate anytime!

(Photo courtesy of Telopea School Canberra)

Tell us how your school tackles UV reduction (aka SunSmart)?

Please indicate how your secondary school has been/is active when it comes to skin cancer prevention and awareness.

Thank You, keep up the great work

Thank you for outlining some of the ways your school is active when it come to skin cancer prevention. Your school will be acknowledged for its efforts via your schools NEW online UV Reduction Certificate. If you would ever like to update your school's list of UV reduction strategies simply submit another form outlining any new additions anytime and your UV Reduction Certificate will be automatically updated (allow 48 hours). View your secondary school's new online personalised UV Reduction Certificate here.

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