Should all ACT teachers be required to wear a sun protection hat and sensible clothing when working outdoors?

Yes. Occupational UV exposure is a serious workplace hazard and under current WH&S legislation ACT schools (PCBU) and teachers (Worker) have a shared responsibility to provide a safe working environment, this includes working safely outdoors.  Obviously some teachers may have a higher risk then others due to the time they spend working outdoors Eg PE teachers have a high risk of occupational UV damage due to their time spent teaching students outdoors most days. 

Long sleeve collared shirts, long shorts/dress (better still long pants), a sun protection hat and sunnies should be a minimum requirement for any Canberra teacher that is required to work outdoors to reduce their personal risk of developing workplace related skin damage & worst still skin cancer.

All ACT public schools are required to make sunscreen accessible to students and teachers for daily application. ACT schools have sunscreen in most, if not all classrooms. 

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