What if my child is allergic to the sunscreen provided by their service or school?

It is not common for children to be allergic to sunscreen, however in the case a child may be allergic to a specific sunscreen provided by the service or school then parents should notify the service/school about this. Parents have the option of providing the daycare service with a hypoallergenic sunscreen and should send their child to school with a suitable sunscreen- of course they have to apply it at school!

The risk of allergies and cross infection from sunscreen use is very small. If an allergic reaction to sunscreen does occur, it is usually caused by perfumes and/or preservatives in the product, not the chemicals that filter UV. In the rare chance that a child has an allergic reaction to a sunscreen, families should try another brand or look for a fragrance-free product such as a toddler or sensitive sunscreen. They can also contact the manufacturer about sunscreen ingredients. A doctor or chemist could also offer advice about choosing another product.

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