Book a SunSmart Events Package

Local organisations, businesses, community groups and schools can take advantage of a Cancer Council ACT's SunSmart Event Package to raise SunSmart awareness at their next outdoor event, it includes:

  • a 3m x 3m shade marquee
  • skin cancer prevention / early detection brochures (upon request)
  • a 1 litre pump pack of SPF 30+ sunscreen (please return unused sunscreen)

Remember when you borrow Cancer Council's  SunSmart Events Package your event is actively supporting and promoting Cancer Council's national SunSmart message. Being SunSmart means protecting your skin when UV levels are 3 and above to reduce your lifetime risk of developing skin cancer Ie wearing a sensible hat (not cap) and clothing that covers as much skin as possible, seeking shade whenever you can, wearing sunnies and applying sunscreen.

Packages are limited so book early to secure one for your next outdoor event. Please complete and submit the form below, including a  current copy of your Public Liability Certificate. If you have any questions or require more information please contact the SunSmart Services Coordinator or Cancer Council ACT on 02 6257 9999.

Does Your Outdoor Event Require Sun Protection?

The short answer is YES- while Cancer Council ACT recommends a combination of sun protection measures when spending time outdoors when UV levels reach 3 and above to reduce the risk of skin cancer. Most local  community events tend to take place over the duration of a whole or half day- making sun protection crucial regardless of UV levels.

Making shade spots available  and accessible throughout your outdoor event is crucial and should be high on your event's planning. Offering sunscreen application spots is also important and a sensible thing to do. Plus if your event incorporate's paid workers and/or volunteers then remember under WH&S legislation they must be protected when working outdoors from UV exposure- read more about protecting workers here.   

Slip on sensible clothing, Slop on sunscreen, Slap on a hat, Seek shade whenever you can and Slide on sunnies. To view live time UV levels for click here.

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Event Details

SunSmart Tip: Because annual UV levels peak between 11am and 3pm during the summer/daylight saving period of the year in Canberra, consider organising your event to minimise time outdoors during this high risk UV period. 

Share Via Social Media

Please share your efforts to raise skin cancer prevention awareness at your event via your social media channels.  Be sure to tag Cancer Council ACT into your Facebook posts.  Our local SunSmart Twitter handle is @SunSmartCBR.

Hashtags include #SunSmart #BeSunSmart #MySunSmart5 #SunSmartCBR 

Cancer Council ACT cannot always supply complimentary sunscreen to community or school based events. We recommend your purchase your own sunscreen for your event.

Terms Of Use

The SunSmart Events Package must be collected and returned to Cancer Council ACT at Unit 1, 173 Strickland Crescent, Deakin ACT 2600. The package must be returned within 2 business days after use. Please note any damages that occur to the marquee in your care will be charged to your organisation/school/group. You must also upload a copy of your event's Public Liability certificate (below).

Cancer Council ACT disclaimer

Cancer Council ACT is not responsible for any damages that may result from the misuse of the marquee. The marquee must be secured with the pegs that are provided, or with additional weights/ ropes (not provided) at all times, please note that a hammer is not provided. Do NOT assemble marquee if experiencing strong winds. An instruction sheet for safe assembly of the marquee can be found in the carry bag. You may also require additional weights to secure the marquee at your event. The marquee must not be left unattended. Please note it also takes 2 people to transport the marquee safely.

What about Sunscreen at your Event?

50ml EziClipEverydayLRCancer Council ACT cannot always provide complimentary sunscreen (we will if we have supply). However we are aware that sunscreen will play an important role in your skin cancer prevention  and awareness efforts. For this reason we recommend you purchase sunscreen for your outdoor event. Look for an SPF 30+ broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen.  View the Cancer Council range of sunscreen here. 

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