UV Exposure and Vitamin D


Some Canberrans may be confused about whether they should get more sun to make sure they get enough vitamin D. The reality is too many Australians get too much sun in summer and increase their risk of developing skin cancer, whilst some people don’t get enough, particularly in winter, and risk vitamin D deficiency with potentially serious health consequences.

To read more on vitamin D and the current recommended sun exposure time required to maintain adequate vitamin D levels view Cancer Council Australia's Position Statement - Risks and Benefits of Sun Exposure (published January 2016).

If you are concerned about your vitamin D levels then you should seek medical advice from your GP.

Canberra Schools and Early Childhood Services

Cancer Council ACT recommends Canberra primary schools and early childhood services adopt a combination of sensible sun protection behaviours when spending time outdoors when UV levels are 3 and above. For this reason sun protection behaviour like wearing a hat and applying sunscreen is not generally required around the June and July winter period in Canberra because daily UV levels drop and stay low (under 3) during this period. However sun protection may still be required if spending time in Alpine regions or extended time outdoors during this period, ie all day outdoor excursions and sport carnivals etc. This "Hats Off" period may assist Canberra children with their winter vitamin D requirements.

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