Indoor and Office Workers

Skin cancer can effect indoor and outdoor workers, this is because different forms of skin cancer is related to different forms of sun exposure patterns. Plus just growing up in Australia increases your risk of developing skin cancer and so all workers should be aware of changes to their skin, know what to look for and importantly what to do if they have any concerns.

Office workers may also be at greater risk of lower vitamin D levels (vitamin D is a hormone and is important for healthy bones and muscles) due to their limited time outdoors each day. For this reason office workers should be aware of the balanace required between sensible sun protection to protect themselves from skin cancer, and some daily sun exposure to maintain adequate vitamin D levels, yet not increase the risk of skin cancer.

Each year in Australia skin cancer kills over 2000 people. Cancer Council ACT offers local indoor and outdoor workplaces, organisations, government departments and community groups resources to learn more about skin cancer prevention and awareness, including the importance of early detection and knowing your skin.

Workplace Medical Checks and Skin Cancer

Cancer Council ACT does not operate, recommend or endorse any skin check services or clinics in Canberra. If your organisation decides to provide a skin check service for workers, it is important to ensure the medical practitioner conducting the checks has expertise and training in the area of skin cancer.

All workers should be encouraged, and provided with information, to examine their own skin, whether thay attend a workplace skin cancer check or not.

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