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Why are ACT secondary school students not required to wear hats at lunch time and for PE?

Cancer Council ACT encourages all Canberra schools to be SunSmart, even secondary schools. For more information on ACT secondary schools and sun protection behaviour click here .

Can ACT primary schools/early childhood services still be awarded ‘SunSmart status’ even if they continue to implement sun protection all year round?

No, not really, not anymore anyway! Current best practice is to adopt a combination of the 5 sun protection measures when UV levels are strong enough to damage unprotected skin - ie when UV levels reach 3 and above .

My school does not actively remind/support my child to apply sunscreen during the day, should it?

Short answer is YES. Australia has the highest skin cancer rates in the world and ACT schools have a duty of care to protect the students and staff (WH&S) under their care from any foreseeable harm, this includes over-exposure to the sun's UV radiation.

Should all ACT teachers be required to wear a sun protection hat and sensible clothing when working outdoors?

Yes. Occupational UV exposure is a serious workplace hazard and under current WH&S legislation ACT schools (PCBU) and teachers (Worker) have a shared responsibility to provide a safe working environment, this includes working safely outdoors.

eftpos Shade Winner ACT 2014 & 2016

Congratulations Amaroo and Telopea Park Schools (2016) The Shade for Secondary Schools Grant Program was back in 2016 thanks to eftpos and a further donation of $250,000.

ACT Secondary Schools

Sun protection, skin cancer and teens. Teenagers have sensitive skin, many continue to desire a tan and simply ignore the SunSmart messages which places them at a high risk of developing skin cancer later in life, including melanoma.

During some periods of the day between August and May UV levels are under 3 (low) but we still enforce hat wearing and sunscreen etc - is this OK?

Yes, it's not the end of the world. There will be times between August and May when daily UV levels are going to be under 3 during school hours Canberra ie early morning and late afternoon (as we enter and exit the winter period).

Hats On Reminder For ACT Schools & Early Childhood Services

With Spring just around the corner, Cancer Council ACT says it’s important for Canberra schools, early childhood services and all outdoor workers to think ultra violet (UV) not heat.

Why Primary Schools?

Schools can reduce students' (and workers) solar ultraviolet radiation exposure and risk of skin cancer because: students are at school when UV radiation levels are at their highest (ie 10am-3pm) schools are an appropriate place to teach and promote healthy sun protection behaviour schools, in partnership with families and their...

Are ACT primary schools required to make sunscreen accessible and available to students?

Cancer Council ACT and ACT Education and Training Directorate (SUVPS201512) recommend all Canberra schools make sunscreen available for situations where students have not provided their own.

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