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Host Relay for Life at your school in 2022

Cancer Council ACT invite Canberra Schools to ‘Relay Your Way’ this April and host their own Relay For Life event on campus.


The aims of the SunSmart program are to minimise the human cost of skin cancer in the ACT. Cancer Council ACT has taken a leadership role promoting a balance between the benefits and harms of ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure and the links with vitamin D in the ACT.

Out Of School Hour Care

Local Out of School Hour Care (OSHC) programs and services play an important role in keeping Canberra kids safe when playing outdoors after school.

Are students required to wear their sun protection hat under their helmet when riding bikes?

The Cancer Council ACT's SunSmart Schools Program does not recommend wearing hats under helmets. Hats under helmets may interfere with peripheral vision and reduce external noise, two important elements to riding safely.

When is sun protection actually recommended in Canberra?

A combination of effective sun protection measures is recommended when daily UV levels reach 3 and above. So, depending on your geographical location your sun protection times may differ throughout the day and year.

ACT Secondary School Sun Protection Project

Background In 2011 Cancer Council ACT (CCACT) was asked by the ACT Health Directorate to take action in secondary schools to help solve the problem of poor adolescent sun protection attitudes and declining sun protection behaviours.

Spring is here and it’s time to be SunSmart

Warmer days bring with it the risk of skin damage, even on cloudy days, so it’s important to be SunSmart. 

Do children really need to remain inside between 10am and 3pm?

Absolutely Not, ACT schools and early childhood services should implement SunSmart behaviour when spending time outdoors when UV levels are 3 and above .

Apply for SunSmart Status Online

Stop - before you apply Before your early childhood centre (ECC) or primary school applies for national SunSmart status please search and view our ACT SunSmart database to see if it is already an active member of Cancer Council ACT's National SunSmart Early Childhood Program or National SunSmart Schools Program...

What about babies (under 6 months old) and sun protection/sunscreen?

Infants should not be purposely exposed to direct sunlight (UVR) when UV levels reach 3 and above. So always aim to seek out adequate shade when spending time outdoors during this period with your young child.

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