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9 in 10 Australians don’t know when they need sun protection

Australians could be unknowingly increasing their skin cancer risk, with new data released by Cancer Council today showing that 40 percent of Australians are still confused about which weather factors cause sunburn.

How much sunscreen should I apply?

Most people apply too little sunscreen. This results in sunscreen users achieving an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) significantly less than is specified on the product label (between 50-80% less).

Alex Dreyer

Alex joins our team from Cancer Council Western Australia where he delivered the adult and child nutrition programs. Alex was an Accredited Practising Dietitian for 5 years prior to joining Cancer Council in 2021. He has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and Master of Dietetics as well as experience in prevention services in community outreach scenarios. Alex looks forward to combining a little of all his expertise and experiences together in his role supporting the delivery of Cancer Council ACT’s prevention programs - SunSmart and Tobacco Cessation - to schools, workplaces and across the community through education and individual sessions.

National Skin Cancer Action Week 21 – 27 November 2021

With Melanomas being one of the top three diagnosed cancers in the ACT, and top four across Australia, National Skin Cancer Action Week works to remind people about the importance of incorporating sun protection into their daily lives.

What does it mean to “minimise” time outdoors between 11am and 3pm during daylight saving/summer time?

During the daylight saving/summer time of the year (around October to March in Canberra) daily UV levels between 11am and 3pm will generally be HIGH to EXTREME and the potential to cause skin damage will be greatly increased during this period.

Do children with very fair skin need more protection?

Short answer yes,  however all children  regardless of skin type require sensible protection against harmful UV radiation from the sun. Skin type is genetically determined and ranges from fair to dark (Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale Type 1 to 6).

Relay For Life 2022

  We have finished the final lap of Relay for Life 2022! Thank you to all who registered, walked, ran, donated and supported this wonderful event.

Do we need to reapply sunscreen after washing children's faces and hands after eating?

As a precaution it is recommended reapplying sunscreen, even if it was water resistant sunscreen, because if soap is used or a face washer, the sunscreen would most likely have been wiped of, so to ensure you get the stated level of protection it would be best to reapply sunscreen...

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