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Take a breath this World No Tobacco Day!

This year’s international theme is ‘Tobacco and Lung Health’ and focuses on the negative impact that tobacco has on people’s lung health.

SunSmart App, Widget, Meters & Real Time UV.

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Community Awareness

Being SunSmart when UV levels are 3 and above is an important public health and community message, and Cancer Council ACT can assist your efforts to share this message at your next outdoor event.

Contact SunSmart (ACT)

You can contact Cancer Council ACT's SunSmart Services Coordinator by email at SunSmart@actcancer. org,   call Cancer Council ACT on 6257 9999 or submit the form below.   $UserDefinedForm Cancer Council ACT strictly complies with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Should all ACT teachers be required to wear a sun protection hat and sensible clothing when working outdoors?

Yes. Occupational UV exposure is a serious workplace hazard and under current WH&S legislation ACT schools (PCBU) and teachers (Worker) have a shared responsibility to provide a safe working environment, this includes working safely outdoors.

Do dark skinned children need to worry about sun exposure?

Of course they do, care still needs to be taken in the sun. Even though the incidence of skin cancer is significantly lower among naturally very dark-skinned people, skin cancers, including melanoma can still occur but are often detected at a later, and far more dangerous stage.

What if my child is allergic to the sunscreen provided by their service or school?

It is not common for children to be allergic to sunscreen, however in the case a child may be allergic to a specific sunscreen provided by the service or school then parents should notify the service/school about this.

How much sunscreen should I apply?

Most people apply too little sunscreen. This results in sunscreen users achieving an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) significantly less than is specified on the product label (between 50-80% less).

Are students required to wear their sun protection hat under their helmet when riding bikes?

The Cancer Council ACT's SunSmart Schools Program does not recommend wearing hats under helmets. Hats under helmets may interfere with peripheral vision and reduce external noise, two important elements to riding safely.

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