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Community Awareness

Being SunSmart when UV levels are 3 and above is an important public health and community message, and Cancer Council ACT can assist your efforts to share this message at your next outdoor event.

At the Snow

Don’t be fooled by the icy weather and cold winds that come with the Alpines. Remember, it’s the sun’s UV rays – not heat – that can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage and skin cancer.

ACT Schools and Early Childhood Programs

The aims of the SunSmart program are to minimise the human cost of skin cancer in Canberra. Cancer Council has also taken a leadership role promoting a healthy balance between the benefits and harms of UV (ultraviolet radiation) exposure and the links with vitamin D.

Should all ACT teachers be required to wear a sun protection hat and sensible clothing when working outdoors?

Yes. Occupational UV exposure is a serious workplace hazard and under current WH&S legislation ACT schools (PCBU) and teachers (Worker) have a shared responsibility to provide a safe working environment, this includes working safely outdoors.

Are ACT primary schools required to make sunscreen accessible and available to students?

Cancer Council ACT and ACT Education and Training Directorate (SUVPS201512) recommend all Canberra schools make sunscreen available for situations where students have not provided their own.

Do dark skinned children need to worry about sun exposure?

Of course they do, care still needs to be taken in the sun. Even though the incidence of skin cancer is significantly lower among naturally very dark-skinned people, skin cancers, including melanoma can still occur but are often detected at a later, and far more dangerous stage.

My school does not actively remind/support my child to apply sunscreen during the day, should it?

Short answer is YES. Australia has the highest skin cancer rates in the world and ACT schools have a duty of care to protect the students and staff (WH&S) under their care from any foreseeable harm, this includes over-exposure to the sun's UV radiation.

Do children with very fair skin need more protection?

Short answer yes,  however all children  regardless of skin type require sensible protection against harmful UV radiation from the sun. Skin type is genetically determined and ranges from fair to dark (Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale Type 1 to 6).

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