Christmas Appeal 2021

Christmas should be a time of joy for everyone. 

Family1Without research, this coming Christmas could be the Fintan family's fourth without David, after being diagnosed with an aggressive blood cancer in 2018. It was acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, with a rare and deadly subtype called MLL.

As borders begin to open, many are excited and looking forward to spending this Christmas with their family and friends after being separated for over a year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For those who have lost a loved one to cancer, Christmas is a painful reminder of what has been taken from them. It almost happened to David and the prospect of losing him was unbearable to his wife and children.

In 2018 local Canberran family, the Fintan's, faced the heartbreaking and very real possibility that David wouldn't make it to Christmas. But thanks to life-saving medical treatments he didn't only make it home for Christmas that year, he is now gearing up to celebrate Christmas 2021 surrounded by his children! Every Christmas with his family is a gift. XmasTreeFamily

Lifesaving cancer research, and accessible support services for families suffering through a cancer diagnosis, are only possible through the financial support of our community of donors and supporters. It is only because of the advances made through cancer research, and the support services available to him, that David is still here celebrating and making precious memories with his family today. 

Between now and Christmas, many Australians will lose their loved ones to cancer due to not having successful treatment options.

This is why your support right now is critical.

Please make a gift this Christmas and help us work towards our vision of a cancer-free future and continue to support those affected by cancer here in the ACT.

                                                           Let’s make sure everyone’s Dad makes it home for Christmas. 


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