ENRICHing Survivorship Program

ENRICHing Survivorship - A free exercise & nutrition program for cancer survivors
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Healthy eating and regular exercise can improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, stamina, self-esteem and quality of life. Exercise can also reduce fatigue, nausea, pain, anxiety and depression.

What is ENRICHing Survivorship

ENRICHing Survivorship is facilitated by an exercise physiologist/ physiotherapist, dietitian, yoga instructor and volunteers to restore your physical and emotional wellbeing after cancer treatment. The program runs one day per week for 8 weeks and each session is 2 hours.

The program is made up of the following components:

  • Six sessions focus on exercise and nutrition to improve cancer health (ENRICH).
  • A yoga and mindfulness session introduces relaxation breathing techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety.
  • A peer support session provides practical information, discussion and ideas about how to adjust to the changes following cancer treatment.

Who can join ENRICHing Survivorship

The program is available to people over 18 who have completed active cancer treatment. For people diagnosed with certain cancer types requiring long term treatment the program is available provided the participant is feeling well and able to physically participate.  A carer, partner or family member is welcome to attend with the cancer survivor.

Program dates

The next ENRICHing Survivorship Program in Canberra will be held on Thursdays from 20 October - 8 December 2022 at Deakin.

Registrations are essential: https://events.humanitix.com/copy-of-enriching-survivorship-program

To find out more information about the ENRICHing Survivorship program email  cancer.information@actcancer.org  or call (02) 6257 9999. 

The ENRICH program was developed by Cancer Council NSW in collaboration with the University of Newcastle.
The "ENRICHing Survivorship” program name and trademarks are owned by Cancer Council NSW and are used by Cancer Council ACT, under licence from Cancer Council NSW.
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