Donate This Tax Time

Please make a generous gift this tax time, and support life-saving cancer research. 

Every day, because of the kindness of people like you, Cancer Council is investing in life-saving research to give cancer patients the best chance of surviving cancer.

Children like Rylee, who was only 16 months old when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She has had every treatment available to her, and not all of them were kind, and she now has partial paralysis.

Or Erin, who was 13 weeks pregnant with her second child when she discovered she had hard to treat triple negative breast cancer.

Then there’s Brendon, who lived for over a year with a lump in his thigh, before being diagnosed with a soft-tissue carcinoma. Brendon is a husband and father of two, and desperately wanted to be there for his two young sons, Christian and Cruz.

Or Ryan, a volunteer fire fighter and father of two young children who was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, who said, “If you give to Cancer Council, they actually help real people.

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